What is mr mushies mushroom chocolate bars?

These are 4 grams of psilocybin infused chocolates. Made in Swiss with high quality cocoa and premium quality chocolates.

What are the benefits of eating Psilocybin-infused Chocolates?

Helps to reduce stress and improve mood. Chocolate contains compounds that can stimulate the production of endorphins.
It is also know to treat Anxiety and other mental health disorders.

Are Mr Mushies Psilocybin Chocolates vegan-friendly?


Where can I buy Mr Mushies Swiss chocolates?

Shop mr mushies swiss psilocybin chocolates from the official mr mushies shop.

How do I place an Order?

Click on the Place an order page to proceed

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cryptocurrencies, Credit Cards and other mobile payment options

How long is my delivery?

Delivery is within 24 hours upon order confirmation. Confirm your order by making payments to the details provided to you upon checkout.

What are your shipping polices?

The necessary shipping information will be forwarded to you via email. Use the delivery information provided to tracking your package on real time.

What are your refunds policies?

Un-confirmed Orders will be cancelled
Customers are liable for up-to 95% refunds on products refunded within 24 hours of delivery.
Refunds will be processed within 1-3 business days after receiving the package.
We however reserve the rights to eligibility of refunds.

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